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ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300844
Present Location: Los Angeles
CIA Call Sign: Mountaineer
Former Call Signs: Freelancer; Bluebird (SD-6 call sign)
Aliases: Julia Thorne; Kate Jones (SD-6 alias)
Date of Birth: 04/17/1975
Blace of Birth: Charleston, WV, USA
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125
Sex: F
Race: Caucasian
Characteristics: L/R shoulders reverse-jointed, R01 Molar extraction, bullet wound left shoulder
Training/Special Skills: Martial Arts, Surveillance, High-Risk Retrieval, Firearms, Driving Techniques (Pursuit & Evasion), Track & Field, Pilates, Krav Maga, electromagnetic lock picking, Linguistics, Theater Arts
Languages: English (Various dialects), French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Arabic, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Romanian, Portugese, Indonesian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Hebrew, Japanese, Hungarian, Uzbek, Urdu, Sign Language
Education: Masters, English Literature
Experience: Recruit 9/01; SD-6 Recruit 12/1994
Personal Details: Hecht, Danny (Fiance, deceased), close friends Calfo , Francie (deceased); Tippin, Will (in Witness Protection)

Taken from the Alias calendar. Some of the information has been modified.