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Cast/Filmmaker Quotes

The following are quotes from the actors, producers and directors about the Ron and Hermione relationship.

Caroline Rhea: Is there any romance coming for Harry Potter? I'm talking purely fictional now. Anything?
Daniel Radcliffe: I think Ron and Hermione are going to get together. That's what I think.
- The Caroline Rhea Show, Chamber of Secrets Promotion

Emma Watson: It's kind of one of those classic love-hate romance going on between Hermione and Ron. But I think deep down they have a bit of a soft spot for each other.

Rupert Grint: There's a few also awkward hand-holding moments, a little bit. It was fun to do.
- EXTRA Interview, Prisoner of Azkaban Promotion

Al Roker: Now, were you surprised that it would be Ron instead of Harry that Hermione'd be interested in?
Emma Watson: Well, Harry's the hero, I suppose, but obviously not for Hermione.
- Today Show Interview, 2004

Emma Watson: I'm going to make Rupert really uncomfortable now. For goodness sake! Hermione and Ron just need to get it together! This has been SO long now! They're so wrong, but they're so right. It just needs to happen and they just need to get on with it. Yeah, if that doesn't happen I am going to be really frustrated. Oh God! It's still ongoing. So, hopefully they will end up together.
- Conference call for Goblet of Fire

Newsround: The other big thing in this film is all the romance going on. Do we see any hints about Ron and Hermione and are you trying to hurry this process along?
Rupert Grint: That was quite a major part for Ron, because the whole Yule Ball thing, because him and Dan (Harry) have to get partners for the dance and they find it quite hard. And Ron's really jealous of Hermione as well, so there's still that sort of thing happening.
NR: With the whole Ron and Hermione thing, we've seen in the books how that's going, how do you personally feel about that. Is that something you're looking forward to, or is that something you with JK hadn't done?
RG: It's quite fun at the moment, at the moment it's just sort of subtle. But I don't what'll happen in the future, who knows?
- Newsround, November 2005

Q: When's Ron going to have some luck with the ladies?
Rupert Grint: I don't know! I think Ron's always been after Hermione. Throughout all four films, it's always been pretty plain that he's got a thing for her, and there's always been a feeling that things could happen between them. I mean, it almost happened in the last film, and there's a bit more of that in this one because of the school ball, but I guess Ron will just take it as it happens.
- Movie Magic Interview

Q: Having read the new books, is there anything you're particularly looking forward to in the next couple of films?
Rupert Grint: Dunno, I haven't read the sixth book yet.
Emma Watson: Well, of course, Hermione and Ron get closer...
Rupert Grint: Urgh. We don't have to kiss, do we?
- Goblet of Fire Promotion, 2005

Clearly today, though, Watson hankers to be a little provocative so I ask her about the prospect of kissing Grint, her suitor in the sixth film, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, which starts filming in September. Director David Yates describes it as being about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

"Kissing Rupert's going to be sooo awkward," Watson says, screwing up her cute rosy-cheeked face. "I'm trying not to think about it ... it's all part of the job I guess. Don't tell him I said that. Rupert's lovely. Girls would probably give their left arm to be in my position, so I'm certainly not complaining."
- Sydney Morning Herald Interview, 2007

Emma Watson: This interviewer sat down and she was like, "Well, this hacker is claiming what's going to happen and she's not going to make it and she's the one." I was just like, "No, no, no. You don't understand. She's meant to be with Ron and she's meant to just..."
MovieWeb Interview

Rupert Grint: It's sort of been suggested through all of them that Ron and Hermione will get together. Everyone keeps saying something will happen in the seventh between them. I wouldn't be surprised. It's bound to happen, really.
MTV 2007, Deathly Hallows speculation

Emma Watson: I hope Ron and Hermione get together in the end. They'd be a good couple.
MTV 2007, Deathly Hallows speculation