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About Ron and Hermione

"Whatever house I'm in, I hope she's not in it," said Ron.

Ron Weasley comes from a poor, yet well liked wizarding family. Hermione Granger was born to muggle parents and did not discover that she was a witch until her letter arrived from Hogwarts. The two met on the Hogwarts Express on their way to school to begin their first year. Ron was sitting in a compartment with Harry Potter, the two becoming fast friends, and was preparing to perform a spell on his rat Scabbers. Hermione entered, trying to help Neville Longbottom find his toad Trevor. Seeing that Ron was attempting a spell, she stopped to see it. The spell failed and Hermione let Ron know that it must not have been a very good one. She introduced herself to both Harry and Ron and as she left, Ron told Harry that he hoped whichever house she was put in, he hoped he wasn't put in the same one.

They were placed in the same house - Gryffindor - and Ron decided that Hermione was an insufferable know-it-all. Hermione heard him declare her as a nightmare and she ran off to the girls bathroom, crying. She was still in there when it was discovered that there was a troll in the castle. Harry and Ron ran to Hermione rescue, knocking the troll out. In turn, when confronted by Professor McGonagall, Hermione covered for the two of them. The three were friends from then on.

Throughout their first year, Ron and Hermione helped Harry find out about the Philosopher's Stone. It was during this time that Ron began relying on Hermione for help with his schoolwork, much to her chagrin.

Ron read the message, swallowed hard, and looked sideways at the empty seat usually filled by Hermione. The sight seemed to stiffen his resolve, and he nodded.

During their second year at Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione again aided Harry, this time in discovering what was in the Chamber of Secrets. Draco Malfoy made occasional remarks about Hermione being born from a muggle family in a negative way. Each time, this was met by anger from Ron. At one point, in an attempt to hex Malfoy for insulting Hermione, Ron's broken wand backfired and he ended up spitting up slugs for hours. When disguised as Crabbe, Ron had to clench his fists as tightly as possible to keep from hurting Malfoy when the young Slytherin said that he'd hoped Hermione would be killed. Ron missed Hermione when she was petrified and Harry noticed that when they learned the mandrakes had matured and Hermione could be cured, Ron looked much happier.

Hermione flung her arms around Ron's neck and broke down completely. Ron, looking quite terrified, patted her very awkwardly on the top of the head.

Their third year at Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione stood by Harry as he was faced with the escape from Azkaban prison by Sirius Black. All initially believed that Sirius had been a follower of Voldemort and that he was searching for Harry. During this time, Hermione also took it upon herself to help Hagrid save a Hippogriff from being executed after it attacked Draco Malfoy. In a bit of a surprising act, Ron offered to help Hermione save the Hippogriff, named Buckbeak. Hermione also found herself the owner of a particularly testy cat named Crookshanks. Crookshanks was constantly at odds with Ron's rat, Scabbers. This meant that Ron and Hermione were also at odds.

Ron also took his defense of Hermione a step further. When Professor Snape called her an insufferable know-it-all, Ron jumped to defend her. Ron and Harry stopped talking to Hermione for a bit when she informed Professor McGonagall about the Firebolt broom that Harry had received from an anonymous source. Hagrid pointed out to Ron and Harry how concerned Hermione had been when Sirius Black snuck int Gryffindor tower and attacked Ron. When Hermione hit Malfoy and walked out on Professor Trelawney's class, Ron was impressed with her.

"Next time there's a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!"

Before their fourth year began, they all attended the Quidditch World Cup. The team from Ireland played the team from Bulgaria. Bulgaria's seeker was young Viktor Krum who was much admired by Ron. Hogwarts was host to the Tri-Wizard Tournament that year. Students from Bauxbatons Academy in France and the Durmstrang Institute in Bulgaria stayed at Hogwarts while a student from each would compete in the tournament. Ron was elated when his quidditch hero, Krum, showed up at Hogwarts. Hermione was torn between Harry and Ron because the two weren't on speaking terms, Ron jealous that Harry had been chosen as the second Hogwarts champion. Harry and Ron made amends and they all began planning for the Yule Ball. In a roundabout, inconsiderate way, Ron asked Hermione to go with either him or Harry, having made the observation that she was in fact a girl. Hermione angrily told Ron that she already had a date, already upset with him for making it clear that he would only want to go with a pretty girl.

At the Yule Ball, Ron ignored his date, Padma Patil, and spent the beginning wondering where Hermione was. She finally showed up - on the arm of Viktor Krum and looking beautiful. Ron spent the rest of the evening sulking, picking a fight with Hermione and telling her that she was fraternizing with the enemy. After the Yule Ball, the two ended up in a row and Hermione told Ron that next time there's a ball he should ask her before someone else does and not as a last resort. Ron told Harry that Hermione had completely lost the point. Harry didn't tell Ron, but he agreed with Hermione. Later, on Boxing Day, Harry found a miniature arm wearing what appeared to be Bulgarian quidditch robes under his bed.

Between everything going on with the tournament, Hermione took it upon herself to look out for the welfare of house elves, refusing to believe that they were happy being employed with no wages. She enlisted the help of Harry and Ron, much to their dismay.

Hermione later expressed some jealousy, albeit in a more subtle way than Ron, when Fleur Delacour kissed Ron after he helped with her sister Gabrielle. Ron's jealousy continued upon finding out that Krum had invited Hermione to visit him in Bulgaria over the summer. The jealousy went on at the end of the year when Fleur took the time to say good-bye to Ron and Krum pulled Hermione aside to bid her farewell.

"What do you think about this?" Hermione demanded of Ron, and Harry was reminded irresistibly of Mrs. Weasley appealing to her husband during Harry's first dinner in Grimmauld Place.

With Voldemort back, Ron and Hermione spent the last of their summer break between fifth year at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, which was headed by Professor Dumbledore. The two, along with the Weasley twins and Ginny, were not privy to any of the goings on of the Order, but tried to find things out before and after Harry's arrival at the house. Ron expressed anger when the house elf living there, Kreacher, referred to Hermione as a mudblood. Hermione tried to be nice to Kreacher, still believing that house elves deserved to be treated more fairly.

Ron and Hermione's bickering escalated during their fifth year, with both being chosen as prefects. Their interactions invoked reminders of the relationship between Arthur and Molly Weasley. Though they did bicker, their spats were small and trivial, nothing like had been experienced in previous years. Ron and Hermione paired together when Hermione had the idea for Harry to teach a secret Defense Against the Dark Arts class when Delores Umbridge's classes proved useless. Ron was particularly pleased when he was able to disarm Hermione.

Ron gave Hermione perfume as a Christmas gift, which she described as unusual. Ron later joined the Quidditch team after Harry, Fred and George had been taken off by Umbridge. His confidence was exceedingly low and Hermione sympathized with him. After a while, she offered to help with his homework and prior to a match, she gave him a good luck kiss on the cheek.

The two, along with Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood and Ginny, joined Harry at the Ministry of Magic for a fight with a group of Death Eaters. The fight resulted in Ron and Hermione both going to the infirmary with injuries.

Ron, he saw, was now holding Hermione and stroking her hair while she sobbed into his shoulder, tears dripping from the end of his own long nose.

In their sixth year, their new potions master Professor Slughorn selected a few students on which he gave special attention - Harry and Hermione among them. At Christmas, when Slughorn was having a party, Hermione intended to invite Ron - something that delighted him. Things were thrown off track when after catching his sister kissing her boyfriend, Ron got mad with Ginny. Ginny then threw in Ron's face his complete lack of experience when it came to girls. In retaliation, Ron embarked on a physical relationship with Lavender Brown. Hermione was not only jealous, but more than anything she was hurt. She and Ron did not speak for months.

They finally reconciled after Ron's birthday. He was poisoned after ingesting something meant for Dumbledore. Forgetting their separation, Hermione ran to be with Ron, completely worried about him. She stayed by his side until he recovered and he could be heard uttering something like her name in his sleep. After he woke, the two were again friends with a new understanding between them. Ron eventually broke up with Lavender and he and Hermione got closer, with Ron being more understand and mature around her.

After the death of Professor Dumbledore, Ron comforted Hermione at his funeral. The two agreed to stay by Harry's side as he embarked on his search for the rest of the horcruxes in order to destroy Voldemort.

Her arm curved to the floor, her fingers inches from Ron's.

Ron and Hermione both took extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of their families while searching for horcruxes with Harry. Over the summer, Ron grew more considerate, often comforting Hermione when she needed it. Before heading out, they were given things left to them by Dumbledore (Hermione a book of faerie tales and Ron Dumbledore's Deluminator) and at Bill and Fleur's wedding, Ron asked Hermione to dance. They were forced to leave on their search earlier than anticipated due to the Ministry being taken by Voldemort. They sought refuge at Grimmauld Place. With the help of Kreacher, they were able to locate Slytherin's locket but in their escape, Ron was splinched when Death Eater Yaxley grabbed on to them when disapparating. They hid in various forests, each taking turns wearing the locket to keep it safe. The locket took its toll on all of them, making the harsh conditions they were in worse, and Ron eventually got angry and left. Hermione ran after him, calling for him and cried for at least a week after he'd gone.

Ron eventually returned and first found Harry. They've retrieved the sword of Godric Gryffindor from the bottom of a lake and Harry gives Ron the sword to destroy the horcrux in the locket. When the locket is opened, Ron sees Harry and Hermione taunting him and kissing. Ron destroys the horcrux, almost crying at the sight of his best friend and Hermione. As they walk back towards camp, Harry assures Ron that he loves Hermione as though she were a sister. When Hermione sees Ron, she starts punching him and yelling at him for leaving. He explains to her that he wanted to immediately come back but couldn't and that he knew they were alive. Hermione continues to yell at him, and there is tension but they continue their work with Harry. After receiving news about the Order from a covert radio station run by the Order, they are apprehended by Fenrir Greyback and a group of wizards searching for muggle-borns. When Greyback discovers they have Harry Potter, they are taken to Malfoy Manor. Hermione is tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange while Harry and Ron are locked up. From where they are held, they can hear Hermione's screams and Ron tries everything he can to get to her. Eventually, with the help of Dobby, they escape and take refuge at Bill and Fleur's. Hermione recovers and they hatch a plan to break into Gringott's to get into the Lestrange vault. Hermione must go looking like Bellatrix by taking polyjuice potion and they barely escape.

They head back to Hogwarts for the final battle. As they prepare, Ron and Hermione disappear and go into the Chamber of Secrets to collect basilisk fangs to destroy the remaining horcruxes. Hermione destroys one of them, Helga Hufflepuff's cup, before she and Ron return to Harry. As they look for an item of Rowena Ravenclaw's, Ron has the idea to get the house elves to safety before the battle begins. Taken by his sincerity and care for the house elves, Hermione kisses him. Ron is so pleased, he lifts her off of the ground and Harry has to remind them that there's a war going on. Ron and Hermione both fight during the battle and make it through. After Voldemort has been killed, they accompany Harry to the headmaster's office where Harry is greeted with enormous applause from the portraits of the office's previous inhabitants.

After the war, Ron helps George at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes after Fred's death. Hermione brings her parents home and begins working at the Ministry of Magic. Ron begins work there too and they later marry and have two children - Rose and Hugo. For their efforts during the Second War, their portraits can be found on Chocolate Frog cards.